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For a pleasant stay with us in Calma do Mar, we have summarized the most important information for you:

How are the current hygiene standards implemented?

Already before the Corona crisis our hygiene standards were very important for us. In the meantime, various regulations for guesthouses have been published by the Azorean government. These can be looked up at .
It is important to us to implement these measures as well as possible in the background so that our guests can have an undisturbed and relaxing stay. However, we can guarantee that the hygiene regulations are carried out permanently and have top priority.

Do guests have to wear a face mask during the stay, is breakfast available and what about the use of the general rooms?

According to current regulations, our guests need to wear a face mask in public areas. As soon as you have taken a seat at the table, for example at the breakfast table, the mask can be removed.


Our team is wearing protection to ensure the necessary hygiene standards.
Masks are still required in the supermarket, shops and when entering restaurants, so we recommend that you bring a mask.


Our team is well trained in the new safety rules.


A visit to the breakfast buffet is only permitted with prior hand disinfection and a mask.

Our kitchen may not be used during breakfast, afterwards in compliance with the legal requirements such as wearing a mask, previous disinfection and with a safety distance of 1 m. This also applies to all public areas.


If you have any questions, please contact us. Click here for get to the contact form .

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